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MAP for College: Scholar Academy

  1. Educational resource library featuring specific learning topics and 300+ college profiles
  2. Students may request video topics to add to the resource library based on their interests
  3. Standardized testing milestones and specific recommendations for SAT/ACT progress
  4. Cohort-based guidance for essential stages of college applications and financial aid
  5. Vocabulary-development support to improve reading comprehension and language usage
  6. Mathematics strategies to solidify proficiency with both concepts and computation
  7. Specific grammar instruction to improve students’ linguistic understanding
  8. Monthly newsletters that provide insight regarding a variety of college-planning topics
  9. MAP for College “Competition Index” rankings based on colleges that you identify
  10. Resource binder sent by US mail to each student

Class of 2024              $1,899 enrollment through August 2024

Class of 2025              $1,949 enrollment through August 2025

Class of 2026              $1,999 enrollment through August 2026

Class of 2027              $2,049 enrollment through August 2027

Class of 2028              $2,099 enrollment through August 2028

Ernest Minelli             guidance@mapforcollege.com                       www.mapforcollege.com

Harvard College, Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude

Stanford University, Master of Arts. Education and Policy Analysis

"Helping students and families to create a personalized action plan for learning since 1995

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