Ernest Minelli

My name is Ernest Minelli, founder of MAP for College, and I am enthusiastic about providing the highest quality guidance so that students may pursue an excellent education at an affordable price. My Action Plan for College works collaboratively with students and families to ensure that the college-preparation process will be more manageable and meaningful for each learner's needs. 

We believe that a structured approach works best when preparing for a successful transition from high school to college.  Therefore, we provide informative research about a variety of topics, offering specific guidance so that each student's unique "voice" may be expressed and validated throughout the journey.

Personally, I earned a Bachelor's Degree in history, magna cum laude, from Harvard College, and I subsequently attained a Master's Degree in education from Stanford University.  In 2003, I achieved National Board Certification as a classroom teacher.  For 27 years, I have proudly served students and families as a dedicated advocate for the realization of each student's personalized education goals.  Please contact us today so that we may establish a successful, collaborative partnership focused on success for your student!

What specific goals does MAP for College maintain in working with students and families?

We build each student’s capacity for successfully managing important learning milestones:

  • Making a successful transition to each school year
  • Establishing effective study skills to handle more advanced coursework
  • Developing beneficial time-management strategies
  • Building and maintaining clear "intra-family" communication patterns
  • Planning for campus visits, on-campus interviews and alumni interviews
  • Studying (both long-term and short-term) for standardized tests
  • Doing your "due diligence" regarding prospective colleges
  • Ideas for brainstorming, outlining, and drafting your college essays
  • Understanding completely your financial aid & scholarship opportunities
  • Making a successful transition from high school to college
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