MAP for College provides an education journey map for students by empowering
them to discover and define their personalized action plan.

My Action Plan for College

My Action Plan for College helps students and families to ensure that the college preparation process will be more manageable, more meaningful, and more enjoyable. We believe that a systematic approach works the best when preparing for the significant transition from high school to college. We provide informative research about a variety of topics, we help facilitate meaningful discussions, and we offer specific guidance to students, allowing their own “voice” to be expressed and validated. As the name suggests this is a highly customized and personal plan.


Balance is critical as it allows us to be at our best, to think the most clearly about our long-range goals, and ultimately leads to enjoying the process of learning to the fullest extent possible. Achieving balance takes a blend of patience and determination. At MAP for College, we advocate for the development of the whole student, both personally and academically, throughout the process of their crucial adolescent years. Our extensive professional experience allows us to respond appropriately to each student’s unique talents, needs and goals. We bring our experience to bear as we offer quality information and beneficial guidance to inform the important milestones of each student’s educational journey, while encouraging the proper balance of personal growth and academic achievement.

The Programs

We have two programs available depending on your needs. The “Scholar Academy” provides students with beneficial tools to promote their understanding of academic readiness, study skills, time management, test preparation, and college planning. Students access valuable learning resources that build a strong foundation of knowledge so that they may make tangible progress toward their academic and career goals. 

Our second program, “Scholar Academy plus Enrichment” provides students with all of the learning features included in “Scholar Academy,” coupled with even more personalized support and outreach at each stage of their educational journey.
"Ernest becomes your friend, mentor and coach"
Harvard Class of 2020
“MAP had a big impact on my life and college process”
Boston College Class of 2023
“Customized, personal, attentive to individual needs”
Parent of 3 Map students
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