My Action Plan for College

Helping students and families to create a personalized action plan for college.

Class of 2025 Scholarship Opportunity:

My Action Plan for College's annual "Young Scholars Initiative"

Eligibility: Any 8th grade student who plans to attend college in the future

  • Class of 2023 winning essays from: New Mexico, Massachusetts, Georgia, Minnesota.
  • Class of 2024: we chose winning essays from: California, Florida, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota, Virginia.  Thank you to all who participated!


  • Two $750 awards for "First Place" 
  • Two $250 awards for "Honorable Mention"
  • Two $125 awards for "Special Recognition"

How to Apply: Class of 2025 entries have been received and are being read by our scholarship committee!!!  Scholarship winners will be contacted by US mail.

Information about the Class of 2026 Scholarship Opportunity will be posted soon.  Interested applicants should please submit a legible, handwritten essay between 250 to 300 words.  We ask for a handwritten essay please to help ensure that the student writes the essay himself/herself.  We seek to hear the student's voice!

My Action Plan for College, P.O. Box 121, Hull, MA 02045

  • Specifying their prospective plans for academic & extra-curricular involvement during their future college years.  The goal is to have each student think about their future plans.   (781) 925-0121