My Action Plan for College

Helping students and families to create a personalized action plan for college.

How We Help Students and Families
My Action Plan for College helps students and families to ensure that the college preparation process will be more manageable, more meaningful, and more enjoyable.  We believe that a systematic approach works the best when preparing for such a significant transition from high school to college.  The earlier that such high-quality conversations start, the better that each student's academic needs and personal interests will be addressed successfully.  We provide informative research about a wide variety of topics, we help to facilitate "intra-family" discussions, and we provide specific guidance to each student that allows his/her own "voice" to be expressed and validated as an integral component of this important process. 

Professional Services for Students; Partnership Programs for Schools and Districts
  • Specially-designed packages to address the specific needs of each student
  • Daily e-mails to improve students' vocabulary skills throughout high school
  • Weekly updates about college preparation topics and scholarship opportunities
  • Monthly newsletters covering pertinent aspects of the college admissions process 
  • Quarterly meetings with students and families to update goals and to review each student's progress
  • "Pro bono" services offered for a portion of our client base each year; please inquire if interested