My Action Plan for College

Helping students and families to create a personalized action plan for college.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How do we help?  My Action Plan for College helps students and families to ensure that the college preparation process will be more manageable, more meaningful, and more enjoyable.  We believe that a systematic approach works best when preparing for the transition from high school to college.  We provide informative research about a variety of topics, we help facilitate "intra-family" discussions, and we provide specific guidance to each student that allows their own "voice" to be expressed and validated.

How may students enroll?  Students in grades 7-12 are welcome to access our support services. We assist 7th & 8th grade students to improve their study skills and time management. We provide students in 9th, 10th and 11th grades with detailed research about prospective colleges and scholarships. Seniors receive timely feedback and support for all aspects of their college admissions and financial aid needs.

We successfully work with students throughout the USA, with Americans residing overseas, and with international students. We enroll a limited number of students per grade level, so that all students may receive the personalized attention that they deserve to meet their individual needs. 

Are your services affordable?  We maintain our services to be as affordable as possible, while also respecting the valuable time and research that we invest on behalf of each student.  We offer discounts for families enrolling multiple children, and also for families that choose to pay in full upon enrollment. We also offer sensible payment plans for families that would prefer to pay over time.

Do you assist Parent Groups/PTO/PTA?  We are happy to present our professional services to individual families and to PTO/PTA groups.  We customize developmentally-appropriate educational materials for students, parents, and educators.

Ernest Minelli                            (508) 631-0936 and (781) 925-0121